Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Who is Buying in Spain?

Germans prefer Mallorca, Brits prefer Ibiza & Menorca

Spain is a popular destination for European retirees. It is also a popular location for people who can afford a second home. The joint attractions of the sea and the sun make Spanish coastal resorts a very attractive destination for people from all over the world.

The Spanish real-estate listings company idealista looked at where overseas visitors to their webiste were most interested in viewing and buying Spanish coastal properties. In Where Do Expats Invest in Property on the Spanish Coast? idealista has mapped out which nationality made up the most overseas visitors to each Spanish coastal area on its property listings website in June.

British, Germans, French & Americans (in that order) are the nationalities which seem most interested in buying a coastal property in Spain. However they are not all interested in buying properties in the same parts of Spain and it seems like different nationalities prefer different coastal areas. The Brits are very fond of the Costa del Sol (Malaga). Lots of Brits are also very keen on properties in Ibiza. Mallorca seems to be a very popular destination for Germans. Americans on the other hand prefer the north-east, where various coastal areas around Barcelona have more Americans searching for property than potential buyers from any other country.

As you move the interactive map around the sidebar updates to show the nationalities most searching in the current map view. The colors on the map show the average unit price of property in each coastal area. You can use the filter control in the map sidebar to show you all the coastal regions with an average unit price of your selected range. You can therefore use this filter to discover where the cheapest and most expensive coastal properties are. Formentera is the most expensive region (most favored by Italians), the region of Xove is the cheapest (most favored by Brits).

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