Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The Melbourne 5km Travel Map

Due to a spike in Covid-19 cases the Australian government has introduced strict new lock-down rules in the city of Melbourne. If you live in Melbourne you are now only allowed to leave your home to shop for food & essential items, for care & care-giving, for daily exercise and for work.

There is also now a 5 km travel restriction in place. You can only exercise and shop for food within a 5 km radius from your home (except if the nearest supermarket is further than 5 km). ABC News has created a simple Leaflet.js interactive map which can show you this 5 km radius around your home. Enter your address into ABC's What is within 5km of your Melbourne home? map and you can view a red 5 km circle centered on your house, showing the area within which you are now allowed to travel.

Philip Mallis has also created a quick map which visualizes a 5 km circle around every Melbourne supermarket. Supermarkets in Melbourne with a 5 km Buffer uses OpenStreetMap data to reveal that most residents of the city will not need to travel further than 5 km to visit a supermarket. Although there do seem to be a number of food deserts in the city's outer suburbs, where residents may have to travel further afield.

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