Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Covid-19 Map of Europe

The World Health Organization has released a new interactive map which shows the latest Covid-19 outbreaks in Europe. Many countries in Europe are beginning to see rising numbers of coronavirus outbreaks. As schools across the continent are beginning to reopen for the new school year there are huge concerns that Europe may be beginning to experience a second deadly wave of Covid-19.

The new WHO European Region COVID-19 Explorer interactive map uses data collected from a number of international, national, and regional authorities to visualize the latest Covid-19 incidence rates at a subnational level.

The map sidebar lists the regions with the highest incidence rates (cases per 100 000 population) over the last week.Currently a number of regions in Spain are among the European regions with the highest incidence rates of Covid-19. The map sidebar can also be used to show the regions with the highest incidence rate over the last 14 days or over the entire pandemic.

On the map itself  you can also view the 7 day, 14 day and cumulative incidence rates in each European region. On the map incidence rates are shown by the color of the regions, with yellow indicating a low incidence rate and red a high rate of Covid-19. Case counts are represented by proportional blue dots (the size of the dots determined by the total number of cases in the region).

You can get an idea of the current Covid-19 situation in most countries around the world using the Covid-19 Risk Areas map.Covid-19 Risk Areas is an interactive map which gives a rough guide as to the relative safety of individual countries - based on the current assessments of the German government.

The Covid-19 Risk Areas map uses Germany's Robert Koch Institut's international Covid-19 risk assessments of individual countries. The Robert Koch Institut's assessments are used by the German government for determining whether travelers to the country need to be quarantined or not. People traveling from a country deemed at risk are subject to a mandatory Covid-19 test and may be subject to quarantine.

The map currently shows 127 countries deemed at risk (colored red on the map), including the United States and Spain. Seven countries, including France and the UK, are deemed a partial risk (colored yellow) and 67 countries are currently deemed not at risk (colored blue).

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