Friday, August 28, 2020

The World Wine Atlas

There are over 1,700 distinct wine regions in the world. You've probably heard of many of the famous European wine regions, such as Champagne and Bordeaux. You might not be so aware of some of the lesser known wine regions, like the Nashik wine region in India or the Changhua region in Taiwan.

If you want to learn more about where different wines are produced and which climates are best for growing the best vines you might want to refer to the World Wine Regions Atlas. The World Wine Regions Atlas is a new interactive map which shows the locations of the world's wine regions and also provides information about the different growing conditions for vines around the world. The interactive map includes 1,700 appellations alongside information on the climate, soil and geology of the world's different wine regions.

The World Wine Atlas consists of two main layers. One layer shows over 1,700 different wine regions around the world, including the 606 AOCs (Appellation d'origine contrôlée) & IGPs (indication geographique protegee) in France, the established wine regions of North America and Australia, the Nashik region in India and even some emerging, yet-to-be named regions in countries such as Bhutan and China. The other map layer shows climate zones around the world. This layer provides important information about the region's climate, land-forms and terrain.

If you need a little help deciding what to eat with which wine then you might also want to refer to the TasteAtlas. The TasteAtlas is an interactive map which allows you to explore the local foods, dishes, tastes and cuisine of any location in the world. Using the map you can search different locations to discover the kinds of things the locals like to eat and drink. It is a great way to discover the tastes of different regions of the world and, at the same time, get a little inspiration about what to have for dinner tonight.

A great feature of the TasteAtlas is that you can search the map for individual foods. For example here is the cheese map of the world and here is the bread map of the world. Search for a particular type of food and you can zoom-in on the map to discover the local varieties available at different locations. For example, on the cheese map you can zoom-in on France to discover all the local varieties of cheese available in different regions of the country. Or, if you search for the pasta map of the world, you can find out which different types of pasta come from the different regions of Italy.You can even search for where different wine varieties are produced around the world.

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