Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Younger Dryas Glacial Map

Around 13,000 years ago the Earth experienced a period of rapid cooling, called the Younger Dryas. About 12,800 years ago temperatures suddenly returned to near glacial conditions and for the next 1,200 years temperatures were much cooler than they had been before the Younger Dryas.

In northern Britain glaciers formed during this period whose imprint can still be seen in the geology of the Scottish Highlands. The Younger Dryas Glacial Map is an interactive map which reconstructs the extent of the glaciers formed in Scotland and northern England during the Younger Dryas. The map includes a number of overlays which visualize the large ice field which ran the length of the Western Highlands in Scotland during the Younger Dryas. The map also includes a number of layers which show the glacial ice extent during the period, the moraines deposited at the end of glaciers, meltwater channels and ice dammed lakes.

If you click on a feature on the map an information window will open. This window will include a photograph of a typical example of the selected feature. It will also include the names of the original authors who first mapped the feature.

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