Monday, August 17, 2020

Guess the Video Location

City Guesser is a fun location guessing game, which requires you to identify a location in a video and point to it on an interactive map.

The game shows you a random video of someone walking around a city or a famous monument. You have to pick up on the visual clues in the video (such as the languages & words used in street signs and the design of the street furniture) to identify where you think the video was shot. Once you have made your guess you just need to click on an interactive map and you are awarded points based on how close you got to the real location.

There are a number of different games that you can play. You can choose to view videos just from one country - or you can play either a Worldwide or Europe game - featuring videos from across the world or from just within Europe.

I'm not exactly well traveled so I was surprised at how many European cities I could identify from the videos. I didn't do so well on American cities. This may be partly to do with the fact that there are less cultural differences between different American cities than there are between different European cities. It is also obviously partly to do with my lack of knowledge of American cities.

There is also monuments quiz, which shows you videos of famous monuments around the world. I'm happy to report that I'm the world champion at identifying well known monuments.

City Guesser acknowledge its debt to GeoGuessr. In Geoguessr games you are shown a random Street View image and you must try to guess where in the world the Street View was taken.

In playing both Geoguessr and City Guesser you have to use the same sort of visual clues to identify the shown location. I think both games are so successful and fun to play because they somehow ask you to identify the sense of place of a location, to look for clues that identify a location's uniqueness, to find the qualities that make the place what it is.

 - Or you can just look for place-names in the street signs.

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