Monday, August 31, 2020

Tour the World by Video

If you have not been able to go on vacation this year then why not take a virtual holiday and explore the world on video? Movies on Map is an interactive map which allows you to watch videos of locations around the world. To virtually explore the world simply zoom into a city on Movies on Map and select a video marker to watch a YouTube or Vimeo video shot at that location.

Over the years there have been a number of video maps similar to Movies on Map. None of these maps have ever managed to gain any transaction. I think this is because nobody has ever managed to automate the process of picking great quality videos. This means that someone has to actually curate the videos - to choose the locations to feature and find the best video of that location.

Movies on Map allows registered users to submit a video to the map. This might be one way to populate the map with reasonable quality videos. My cursory review of Movies on Map suggests that so far it is doing a pretty good job of showing only decent quality videos. I wonder if introducing a rating system for individual videos might be good idea in order to provide a crowd-sourced method of identifying poor quality or mis-located videos. 

If exploring the world by video doesn't appeal to you then you might prefer to explore some art galleries, museums and historical sites around the world on my pick of the 10 Best Museum & Gallery Virtual Tours.

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