Thursday, August 06, 2020

Satellite Imagery of the Beirut Explosion

The devastating ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut yesterday damaged windows and walls up to 5 km away. It is also being reported that 300,000 homes have been damaged, many of them now left uninhabitable. DigitalGlobe has released satellite imagery of the Beirut explosion as open data. Under the DigitalGlobe Open Data Program anyone is able to copy and reuse this satellite imagery of the devastating damage caused by the explosion.

Web Geo Data Vore has used DigitalGlobe's satellite imagery to create a before and after visualization of Beirut. Their Beirut map allows you to directly compare satellite imagery from before and after the explosion using a number of different comparison tools. The map includes a side-by-side view, an above-and-below view and a magnifying glass view. All of which allow you to explore the damage caused by the explosion across the Lebanese capital.

The interactive before & after interactive map was created using the OpenLayers mapping library. In particular it uses the ol-comparison-tools library for comparing two different map layers in OpenLayers.

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