Friday, August 07, 2020

Virtual Tours of the World

Over the last few months I've been slowly curating a list of my favorite virtual tours of museums & galleries across the world. This list provides links to virtual tours created by museums and galleries around the globe, using a variety of technologies, such as 360 degree panoramic imagery. Of course I'm not the only cultural vulture who has been scouring the world's museums for interesting content. During lock-down a number of interactive maps have sprung-up which provide links to the best virtual tours created by the world's cultural institutions. is one of these interactive maps of cultural virtual tours. It provides links to virtual content created by museums, galleries, aquariums and zoos around the world. The virtual tours on can be filtered by category and by country, which makes it very easy to search for the kinds of venue which you are most interested in. Another really useful feature of is that is keeps a record of which tours you have visited. This means that if you return to after a few days you can quickly see which virtual tours you have already visited.

Digital Museums is another interactive map dedicated to curating the best interactive content being created by the world's museums. This map is part of a project looking at museum digital strategies developed in response to lock-down, which is being led by Dr Chiara Zuanni at the University of Graz. On this map content is categorized into 'virtual tours', 'streaming content', 'online exhibitions' etc.

Virtual Museums has also created an interactive map of virtual tours created by cultural institutions around the globe. If you create an account with Virtual Museums you can create a favorites list and track which virtual tours you have visited. Virtual Museums also includes an option to submit missing virtual tours via a very short form.

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