Tuesday, September 29, 2020

3D Satellite Imagery

Landsat8.earth is a clever experimental map which allows you to view the latest satellite imagery captured by the Landsat 8 satellite in 3D. The map uses the latest cloudless satellite imagery and WebGL (powered by deck.gl) to show you a 3D map of the Earth.

By default Landsat8.earth is centered on the Grand Canyon but you can move the map to any location where Landsat 8 imagery is available. Landsat 8 is an Earth observation satellite designed to capture medium resolution (30-meter spatial resolution) imagery of Earth. Using Ladsat8.earth you can view the latest cloudless Landsat 8 imagery or you can view any of the seasonal cloudless satellite imagery captured by Landsat 8 dating back to Spring 2013.

You can also use Landsat.earth to view the multispectral image data captured by Landsat 8, including infrared, near infrared and shortwave infrared.

There are a number of other interactive map services which allow you to browse and search for satellite imagery of the Earth. Websites such as Planet ExplorerLandsat Lens and Google's Timelapse permit you to search for satellite imagery both by location and by date.

You can also use ESO's Land Viewer service. The Earth Observing System's Land Viewer application allows you to browse and download historical satellite imagery from the Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 satellites.

The Land Viewer search facility includes options to search for satellite imagery of the Earth by location and by date. It also includes filters which permit you to search for day or night-time satellite images and the level of cloud cover and the degree of sun elevation in the returned satellite images. Land Viewer includes a number of band combinations which permit you to view satellite imagery using 18 different filters. These include natural & false color, infrared and panchromatic filters. There is also the option to apply your own custom filters to the satellite imagery.

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