Friday, September 04, 2020

The Ordnance Survey in 3D

3DGB allows you to view the Great Britain Ordnance Survey map in 3D. 3DGB map uses Ordnance Survey's Zoomstack map tiles with the Cesium mapping library. The result is a very detailed map of Great Britain which allows you to explore the country's terrain in glorious three dimensions.

OS Open Zoomstack provides vector map tiles of the whole of Great Britain, created from Ordnance Survey's own map data. CesiumJS is an open source 3D mapping library, which allows you to create 3D maps using map tiles from any source. Using the OS map tiles with CesiumJS allows the user to explore the contours of the OS map actually overlaid on top of a digital elevation model.

Great Britain has lots of wonderful terrain, which you can explore on 3DGB. The map features dynamic linking which means you can easily share links to any GB location on the map. For example Arthur's Seat is an extinct volcano which is situated just one mile from the city center of Edinburgh. You can also find in Scotland the UK's highest mountain, Ben Nevis.

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