Friday, September 11, 2020

The Virtual 3D Architecture Gallery

Over the summer I have spent a lot of time exploring virtual exhibitions created by art galleries and museums around the world. Many of these virtual exhibitions have been developed by museums during lock-down to provide the public some access to otherwise locked away collections.

Of course museums and art galleries have not been the only victims of the lock-down. Students studying for degrees in the arts often finish their studies with a final show, exhibition or performance. This year most of those final shows have had to be cancelled.

For example every year the students studying at the Bartlett School of Architecture hold one of the largest student architecture shows in the world. The show showcases the work of more than 700 students and is usually attended by more than 12,000 visitors. This year the physical exhibition had to be cancelled. However all is not lost as the show can still be viewed - virtually & completely online.

The Bartlett Summer Show 2020 is an amazing virtual exhibition of work created by Bartlett architecture students. It can be viewed online until October 2nd. The exhibition is a joy to navigate. It uses the metaphor of a real physical gallery exhibition, which allows you to navigate each students' work in a 3D environment. If you click on an individual work in this galley environment you can read more about the selected work and the theory behind it.

The Bartlett Summer Show 2020 is a fantastically put together virtual exhibition. The amazing work created by the Bartlett School of Architecture students is equally amazing. If you have a little time to spare then this is one virtual exhibition you should definitely attend.

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