Monday, September 07, 2020

The Sounds of the Forest

The Sounds of the Forest is an interactive map which allows you to listen to sound recordings made in forests around the world. The map includes many different sound recordings from around the globe, including the calls of lemurs in the forests of Madagascar, the song of a Nightjar in Australia and the cascade of a waterfall in Chile.

The sound recordings featured on the Sounds of the Forest map are being collected for the 2021 Timber Festival. Artists will be using and responding to the sounds collected to create music and artwork which will then be showcased at the festival.

You don't need to wait for the Timber Festival to listen to the sound recordings. You can just click on the markers on the map to listen to the sounds of the forest recorded at that location. You can also submit your own recordings of forest aural landscapes by clicking on the 'Contribute' link above the map.

Another fantastic resource for those who love the sounds of nature is the 50 Birds Species and the Songs they Make.

This interactive visualization consists of pictures of 50 common backyard birds. If you click on a bird on the visualization you can listen to a recording of the bird's song. Using the images and the songs is a great way to identify birds that frequent your backyard. Each bird image also includes a little map which shows you the species' normal habitat.

From the insect chorus of the Borneo rainforests to the crooning baritone song of an Atlantic humpback whale, the Nature Soundmap can also serenade you with the sounds of nature. Nature Soundmap is a map featuring the sounds of nature captured by professional nature sound recordists around the world.

Maps have always been a fascinating way to explore the globe. Add in the sounds of the monsoon in Borneo or the soundscape of the Brazilian rain-forest and you can almost imagine that you really have been transported to the other side of the world.

If you want to explore more interactive maps featuring sound recordings made in different urban and rural landscapes around the world then have a look at the Maps Mania Sound Maps label.

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