Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Where is the West End?

Most Londoners have a very clear concept of where North and South London are. The River Thames neatly divides the city in two and most people seem to accept that everything north of the river is North London and everywhere south of the river is South London.

However I don't believe that Londoners have such a clear understanding of where the West End and the East End begin & end. I want to find out which areas of London are most commonly thought of as the West End. I have therefore created an interactive map, called Where is the West End, in order to record people's ideas of the West End.

Please use Where is the West End to draw the area that you think of as London's West End on the map of London. Your area will then be saved to a database. Later this week I will create another map which will visualize all the different West End areas submitted to the map. The result will hopefully provide us with some understanding of which areas of London are most commonly considered the West End.

My map survey tool can be used to query people's concepts of any geographical area. If you want to create your own map survey tool just click on the fish icon on my map and select the 'Remix on Glitch' option. You can then clone my map and change it to survey any geographical area of your choice.

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