Friday, September 11, 2020

The World Social Progress Rankings

Since 2011 the Social Progress Index has been assessing the quality of life experienced by people in countries around the world. Of the 163 countries which are ranked each year only in the United States, Brazil and Hungary are people now worse off than they were in 2011.

The Social Progress Index uses a number of different economic and social indicators to rank the quality of life in different countries around the world. Each country is scored and ranked for how well it meets the basic human needs of its citizens, ensures their well-being and provides social and economic opportunities.

The 2020 Social Progress Index has now been released. The new rankings for each country can be explored on the Index's interactive map. Click on a country on this map and you can view its overall Index ranking and the country's individual rankings in each of 12 individual metrics.

The United States performs particularly poorly in the area of Health & Wellness (which is probably not a surprise to anyone who has been watching the news over the last few months).Within the four areas which make up this metric the USA is ranked 97th of the 163 countries for 'Access to quality healthcare'. In other words people in the United States have access to roughly the same quality of healthcare as people living in Afghanistan.

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