Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Oregon Wildfires Map

The Oregonian has created a live Real-time Wildfires Map, which uses data from federal websites to show the rough locations of the current wildfires in the United States.

The size of a fire marker on this map indicates the estimated size of a fire. The color of the marker estimates how much of the fire is contained, with the darker color markers showing the least contained fires and lighter color markers showing the most contained fires. If you click on a fire's marker on the map you can learn more about the scale and intensity of the fire and click-through to read more about the fire on InciWeb.

InciWeb is an all-risk incident web information management system provided by the United States Forest Service, which provides the latest information on wild-land fire emergencies. The Oregonian is also providing live updates on the wildfire emergency in the state.

The Oregon Wildfire and Smoke Map is another real-time interactive map showing the locations of wildfires across Oregon and the United States. This map not only includes information on the location of wildfires but attempts to map the latest smoke conditions as well.

Beneath the map you can view a list of all the active fires. This list includes information on the size of each fire, how much of the fire is contained and an indication of when this information was last updated.

The State's own interactive State of Oregon Fires and Hotspots Dashboard maps current active fires in Oregon and the current air quality in the state. The interactive wildfire map includes information on each fire in the state, including each fire' size, the percent contained and the number of homes and other buildings destroyed.

The ALERTWildfire system uses live cameras to detect, locate and confirm wildfires. The system can also be used to monitor fire behavior and help firefighters tackle fires on the ground. The ALERTWildfire system is being developed by a consortium of the University of Nevada, the University of California and the University of Oregon. The system is currently operational in a number of locations in California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.

If you select a region from the ALERTWildfire interactive map you can see the live views from every single fire camera in the area. A Leaflet.js map shows the location of all the live cameras in the system and the direction of each camera's point of view. If you select a camera on the map you can view its current live feed. All the other feeds from the other cameras in the area are shown beneath this interactive map.

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