Thursday, September 03, 2020

Mapping UK Air Pollution

Every year the UK government provides annual estimates of greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions in the UK. These estimates are compiled using 'internationally-agreed methods' using data from a number of different government departments, agencies and commercial organisations.

The UK Emissions Interactive Map allows you to explore the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory for 2018 on an interactive map. The map shows the UK locations with the highest and lowest pollution levels for different types of emissions and also show which sites around the UK produce these emissions. Using the map you can zoom in on any location in the UK and view the estimated levels of a number of different types of pollutants. These pollutants include NO2 emissions, Particulate Matter, Lead, Methane and many other types of possible harmful emissions.

The map also allows you to view the site's which are the major cause of each type of emission. If you select the 'show sources' option the map changes from a heat map view of the emissions to show where these emissions come from. Clicking on a source's marker will reveal the source's name and the amount of emissions that it produces.

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