Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dividing Germany

30 years ago, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, East and West Germany was reunified and became one country again. The Berliner Morgenpost is celebrating the reunification of Germany by allowing you to divide Germany into two again.

30 years of German unity - East West? North South? Or completely different? is a clever interactive map which allows you to divide Germany in two. Using the interactive map you can draw a line anywhere that you want to divide Germany into two separate sections. Once you have divided the country into two sections you can view a number of choropleth maps showing how your two divided sections compare using a number of different social, economic and demographic metrics.

These metrics include the difference in life expectancy between your two divided sections, the average age, the gender pay gap and even the number of Olympic medals. The map includes three pre-cut views which allow you to view the differences between the old East Germany and West Germany, the difference between South and North Germany and the region of Bavaria with the rest of Germany.

The Berliner Morgenpost also created a clever interactive map feature five years ago, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of German Reunification. The Unified Journey map tests how well you remember the location of the border between East and West Germany.

On the Unified Journey map you simply have to draw a line where you think the border between the two countries used to exist. Once you have submitted your border you can view where the real border was located and also all the other guesses made by readers of the Berliner Morgenpost. 

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