Sunday, September 13, 2020

Ranking the Countries of the World

The average American has a life expectancy roughly equivalent to someone living in Albania. This is surprising because the GDP per capita in the USA is $54,541 compared to a per capita GDP of $5,075 in Albania. The average American is clearly a lot richer than the average Albanian but all this wealth doesn't buy a longer life. The conclusion must be that there is something very wrong with the American health system.

You can view life expectancy and average per capita GDP around the globe on Rank Country, a new interactive map which allows you to compare countries across the world based on a huge range of different demographic, economic, health and social metrics. Rank Country provides country rankings for thousands of different data indicators. Using Rank Country you can compare countries around the world based on lots of different factors.

The thousands of different metrics that you can explore with Rank Country are organized into different categories. You can also use the search facility to find areas of interest. For example if you are interested in gender differences you could enter 'female' to explore all the economic, social and political metrics related to women and girls.


sjolly75 said...

The conclusion does not "have" to be the quality of the American health care system. As with many things, there are likely many contributing factors. Have you compared the two health care systems?

BigInch said...

A Copy Data function would be nice. It's hard to keep it all in my head.