Tuesday, January 04, 2022

The Cycling Stress Map

 heavy motor traffic + steep inclines + headwinds = cycling stress

I cycle a lot. However I am still a fair weather cyclist. I don't take my bike out in the rain. I avoid roads. And I try not to cycle anywhere that involves climbing steep hills. 

The City of Boston recognizes that a lot of other cyclists are discouraged from cycling by the stress caused from road traffic, the lack of bike lanes and other conflict factors. They have therefore decided to rate every street in Boston based on its Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (BLTS). The resulting map provides a fantastic overview of where it is most and least stressful to cycle in Boston.

The City of Boston's new Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress interactive map colors every road based on its BLTS rating. The BLTS rating is based on a road segment's traffic speed, traffic volume, presence of bike lanes & parking lanes and other conflict factors (such as bus lanes and school zones).

The map can be used by cyclists to find routes around the city which are likely to be the least stressful to ride. It is also being used by the City of Boston to highlight gaps in the city's cycling infrastructure and to identify those road segments in the city with unacceptably high levels of cycling stress.

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