Friday, January 14, 2022

Wordle - Placenames Edition

Update: I found the Worle (wordle game clone) that I created a little too difficult to play. I've therefore created a second version of the game called Worlde. I'm hoping that this game will be easier to play as I've restricted the place-names that you have to guess to five letter long countries and global cities (most of which I hope you have heard of). 

To make the game even easier I have also added a 'cheat sheet' button. Press the 'cheat sheet' button and you can view a list of all the possible countries and cities. This game requires you to guess the name of countries and global cities (obviously you should try to guess the place-name without referring to the cheat sheet).

Worle is a very difficult Wordle clone, in which you have to guess the name of a UK town in 6 goes or less.

Wordle (for those of you living under a rock) is a viral word game. Your goal is to guess the hidden word in six attempts. When you enter a five letter word any letters in the correct space are shown in green. Letters that are in the word but in the wrong spot are shown in yellow. Letters shown in grey aren't anywhere in the answer.

My Worle version of the game uses UK town names instead of words from the dictionary. This makes the game very difficult to play - because there are lots of weird UK place-names that you have probably never heard of. 

When testing the game I found it very useful to refer to the list of five letter UK place-names that the game uses. You might think this is cheating and want to play the game without referring to the list, however I have found the game almost impossible to play myself without using the list at least once in each game.

My version of Wordle is a clone of Worble, made by Potch, which s/he made with Glitch.If you want to adapt Worle you can clone the game on Glitch. To adapt the game you only really need to change the list of words in the dictionary.txt file. For example you could change the list of place-names to U.S. town names instead of UK towns.

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Anonymous said...

It's a fun idea, but sadly the logic doesn't work properly (or at least it doesn't work the same way as Wordle). For the town "AFTON", we guessed LEITH, TROON, COTON and OXTON as the first four guesses. The "TON" at the end was marked as correct, but "TROON", "COTON" and "OXTON" showed the first "O" as being present but in the wrong place, implying there was a second "O" in the word (which there wasn't).