Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Direct Train Map

Direct Train Connections is a very useful map which can show you all the locations you can reach by direct train from any station in Europe. Select a train station on this interactive map and you can view all the other stations in Europe which you can reach from there without having to change trains.

This weekend I fancy getting out of London for a nice day out. By selecting Stratford Station on Direct Train Connections I can see all the stations that I can reach by direct train from East London. These include a number of possible seaside destinations on the Kent and Essex coast. There is also a direct train to the Norfolk city of Norwich, which appears to be the longest journey I can take from Stratford without having to change trains. 

If you hover over any of the listed stations on the map a small pop-up will display the journey time from your home station to the selected destination. If you want you can also click through to actually buy a ticket for the selected journey via VB Fernverkehr (although this site doesn't work for UK train tickets).

A number of interactive maps now allow you to watch the train networks of entire countries in real-time. These incredible maps show the actual locations of trains on a country's rail network as they travel from station to station. I've listed a number of these live train tracking maps on The World's Trains in Real-Time

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