Monday, August 15, 2022

Comparing Route Planning Providers

3 different routes returned by 3 different routing services between the same two addresses

SG Transportation Routing is a new route planning service which can provide you with driving directions in Singapore. This map can be used to get driving, cycling or walking directions between any two locations in the country. Unlike nearly every other route planning map, SG Transportation also allows you to choose between three different routing APIs. Therefore if you don't like the route and directions first provided by SG Transportation Routing you can simply switch to view a route from a different routing / directions provider.

SG Transportation Routing works like nearly every other driving directions application. If you enter a starting point and a destination the application will work out a route and provide you with turn-by-turn directions. The application even allows you to switch between three different transportation modes (driving, cycling & walking). 

Unlike most other route planning applications, however, SG Transportation Routing allows you to choose between three different routing services. These are the Gragphopper Directions API, OneMap and the HERE Routing API. If you look at the screenshot at the top of this post you can see that these three different routing services can provide very different routes between the same two addresses. 

Charmaine Chui, the developer of SG Transportation Routing, has written up a short introduction to his new interactive map on Towards Data Science, Data Visualisation of Travel Routes by Multiple Service Providers on Web App— Built with LeafletJS + NodeJS.

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