Thursday, August 04, 2022

Real Time World Temperature Records

The pace of global heating in 2022 means that it is now possible to create a real-time map showing locations around the world where all-time temperature records are being broken. In just the last 24 hours two locations in the U.S. have experienced their highest ever recorded temperatures (Cotulla, TX & Escanaba, MI). 

It isn't only in America where heat records are now being broken on a daily basis. According to the Real Time World Temperature Records Map towns in Japan, Peru and Nicaragua have also seen their highest ever temperatures in the last 24 hours. The Real Time World Temperature Records Map is an interactive map which shows in real-time locations around the world which have just experienced their highest ever recorded temperature.

The map retrieves the latest temperature records from this Esri WeatherRecordsBreakers REST API. I don't know whether this is an official Esri data feed or an API which has been set up just for this map. I also cannot tell from the map or the API where the temperature data itself is being sourced from.

If you want to know how climate change is affecting your weather then you can refer to the Climate Shift Index map. Every day the Climate Shift Index reveals where in the United States temperatures have been affected by climate change. The map reveals just how much global warming could be affecting the weather on any given day. 

The colors on the Climate Shift Index map show where that day's temperatures are more or less likely due to climate change. The darkest areas on the map indicate those areas where climate change has had the greatest effect on the day's weather. For example, an area shaded dark red, with a CSI score of 5, is experiencing weather which climate change and global warming has made five times more likely. In other words the local temperatures being experienced in those locations would be nearly impossible without carbon pollution creating global heating. 

The Climate Shift Index is updated daily in order to show the local influence of climate change, every single day. The map provides a 3-day CSI forecast for US weather, which means you can view the CSI forecast for the current day and for the next two days. 

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