Friday, August 26, 2022

Persepolis in 3D

500 years before the birth of Christ the city of Persepolis served as the capital of the largest empire in the world. Today what is left of the city is mostly architectural ruins. It is therefore now hard to imagine the magnificence and splendor of what was once one of the most awe-inspiring cities on Earth.

Luckily you now don't have to imagine what Persoplis used to look like because the Getty Museum can show you exactly how the ancient city looked at the height of its power (c500 BC). Persepolis Reimagined is an amazing 3D reconstruction of the ancient Persian city. Enter into Persepolis Reimagined and you are taken on an impressive guided tour of a digital 3D reconstruction of the Gate of All Nations, the Apadana audience hall, the Palace of Xerxes, the Southeastern Palace, the Royal Treasury, and the Hall of 100 Colums.

As you scroll through this amazing guided 3D tour of Persepolis, interactive markers and hotspots allow you to learn more about the functions and purpose of individual buildings and even see how some of these important landmarks look today. 

Hot-Tip: Click on the 'settings' icon and turn on 'dragging interactions'. This allows you to directly interact with the 3D model of Persepolis, giving you the full 360 degree experience. 

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