Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Where Young People Are Moving

Migration Patterns is a new interactive map from the U.S. Census Bureau and Harvard University which reveals the towns and cities where young Americans are moving to. The map allows you to click on any U.S. county to see where young adults "move between childhood (as measured by their location at age 16) and young adulthood (as measured by their location at age 26)."

If you select any county (or 'commuting zone') on the map you can view a choropleth map view showing the most popular destinations for young Americans moving from the selected county. For example if you select Denver on the map you can see that 3.7% of young adults from Denver moved to Fort Collins between the ages of 16 and 26. 

It is also possible to select “To” instead of “From” to see where young adults in a community moved from. For example in Denver 2.1% of young adults came from Fort Collins and 1.9% moved from Los Angeles.

It is interesting to see that Los Angleles seems to be a popular destination for young adults from nearly the whole United States. The draw of Hollywood appears to be as strong as ever. Seattle, Las Vegas and Denver also seem to be popular destinations for young adults to move to from towns and cities across the whole country. 

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Anonymous said...

San Bernardino is the largest county in the US. If this data is by county, where is Los Angeles County!? Would be best if map overlaid university locations, their attendance demographics. Otherwise, how to lie with maps is the theme. Just because it’s census data doesn’t mean it tells a true story on its own. More data would clarify possible why’s. I tried the interactive map on iOS, could be better.