Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Mapping the Safest Route to School

With the school year about to start many parents are beginning to worry about the dangers their children face traveling to and from school. For many the biggest potential danger is the one posed by cars and other road traffic.

If you live in Germany you can now use a new routing service to help discover the safest route to school. Gefahrenstellen.de is an interactive map which can help you find the route to school with the least traffic and risk. Enter your home address and the address of your school into Gefahrenstellen.de and it will calculate and suggest the fastest and safest route for the journey.

In calculating the safest routes the map takes into consideration a number of different factors. These include traffic volumes and police accident data. Calculated safe routes also take into account the locations of user submitted reports on dangerous hot-spots. By clicking on the 'Gefahrenstelle melden' button users of the map can report a possible dangerous location, which may be related to bad road conditions or misconduct by car drivers or other road users.

Via: Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology

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