Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Animated Map of the Berlin Subway

Ubähnchen is a fantastic new transit map which simulates the movement of trains on the Berlin subway network based on the scheduled timetable.

There have been a number of very impressive 3D animated transit maps released in the last few years. These include Moving Hamburg, an impressive 3D animated public transport map of Hamburg and Mini Tokyo 3D, the live real-time map of Tokyo's public transit system.

The Hamburg and Tokyo 3D maps are fantastic toys for anybody who's ever dreamed of owning a virtual train set. However my inner Fat Controller loves the transit map style used by Ubähnchen. Ubähnchen also comes with an option to switch to a more geographically accurate map. This map also allows you to view S-Bahn trains in real-time.

Trainspotters may also be interested in the Ubähnchen Statistics section, which includes lots of data from the Berlin subway network, including the avarage daily train activity per line and the number of daily stops at each station on the network.

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