Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fun with Google Maps Mania

Noah's Ark on Street View

A couple of week's ago I found God with the help of Google Maps Street View. Not to be outdone Google Sightseeing have now found Noah's Ark.

10 Centuries in 5 Minutes

I love this animated map of Europe over 10 centuries. And, so that the Americans don't feel left out, here is a great video of an attempt to visualise Washington as it would have looked in 1814.

Make Your Own Scratch & Sniff Map

With a little help from artist Sissel Tolaas, 'the world's pre-eminent olfactory cartographer', The Atlantic report on how to make a scratch & sniff map. The only Google Map of smells I know of is Nioibu, a Japanese map that describes smells at different locations.

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