Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beer Lovers Android Application

BeerWhere is a new essential application for beer lovers who own an Android phone (an iPhone app is on the way).

Using data from the excellent Beer Mapping Project, BeerWhere uses Google Maps to show you the best brewpubs, beer bars and beer stores in your immediate vicinity.

Using the application you can use your phone's GPS to search around your current location. It is also possible to search by city or by the name of a venue.

The application even has a few social networking features, allowing you to save bars you like to your favourites and share your favourites with your friends.



Scott Hammer said...

Keir, thanks for the mention. We are working to make BeerWhere even better every day.

picquic said...

can you put a metric option in the settings please. we in AUs use Km not miles...