Monday, November 08, 2010

News Timelines on Google Maps

TimeSpace: World

The Washington Post's TimeSpace: World compiles all the world news content from The Washington Post,, PostGlobal, Foreign Policy magazine, and partner sites including The Associated Press and Reuters onto one customizable map.

All the news coverage is collected into clusters around hot-spots on the map. By clicking a cluster, users can view articles, blog posts, photos, videos, and even reporter's Twitter feeds. A timeline at the bottom of the map illustrates peaks in coverage and allows users to customize news searches to a specific day all the way down to a particular hour.

TimeSpace: World is also available in widget form so users can embed the map on their own sites. In addition, a share function creates a unique URL for an individual story within the map that users can link to or send to friends.

ITN Story Map

ITN is using Google Maps with the SIMILE Timeline to display the world's news.

Using the timeline above the map it is possible to view today's news or to scroll back and view past news items from ITN geotagged on a Google Map. It is possible to filter the news shown by world, sport, entertainment or business.

The mapped news stories include photographs or videos and contain links to view the full story on the ITN website.


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