Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Google Hotpot


Google have released Hotpot - a local recommendation engine that you can share with your social network.

With Hotpot, Google are making local search results for places on Google more personal and relevant. When you visit Hotpot you can view nearby places, search for local businesses and restaurants and read reviews. What makes Hotpot new for Google is that it has some great social networking options.

With Hotpot you can share your favourite places and your ratings with your friends and see the places they’ve recommended. So, for example, if you want to go to a restaurant you can see at a glance which restaurants have been recommended by your firends.

Hotpot works across Google services. In search results, you can see recommended places by using the new Place Search and clicking on the “Places” filter. You can also see recommendations when searching on Google Maps, Google Maps for Android or when checking the Place pages for a specific business.

Via: Google LatLong


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