Friday, November 26, 2010

More Local Problems with Google Maps


Mark-a-Spot is a web-based platform to display, categorize, comment and rate places in urban environments. It can be used as a participation platform or it can be used to let local citizens report issues, like pot-holes, broken street lighting or lack of accessibility.

The system uses Google Maps to show the location of reported problems. You can see a demo of the system in action at MaS-City. Mark-a-Spot is free for local authorities to implement and licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License.

FixMyStreet (New Zealand)

FixMyStreet is a website that helps New Zealand citizens report, view, or discuss local issues with their local council by simply locating them on a Google Map. It launched in September 2010 and was inspired by the UK-based

If New Zealand citizens have problems with graffiti, unlit lampposts, abandoned beds, etc they can report the problem, showing the location on a Google Map. All submitted problems are then reported to the relevant council by email.

Also See
  • Neat Streets -report local problems in Australia and New Zealand
  • SeeClickFix - US site for citizens to report local problems
  • FixMyStreet - UK site, allows citizens to report local problems. All problems are then passed onto local government
  • Verbeterdebuurt - Dutch local problems reporting site
  • Gerecht Geht Anders - German local problem reporting website

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