Friday, November 12, 2010

It Gets Better with Google Maps

It Gets Better - Worldwide

In response to a recent increase in bullying of gay and lesbian school students in the USA the It Gets Better project are compiling a video archive to tell the stories of gay men and women. The aim of the videos is to show school students what the future could be like as openly gay adults.

Flo Apps Ltd have created a Google Map showcasing some of the videos created around the world as part of the It Gets Better campaign. Users of the map can find videos from their own countries and watch the videos directly from the map.

At the moment many countries are not represented on the map. If you have created a video or know of the existence of a video that is missing from the map you can submit it by completing a short form.


1 comment:

"Guppy" Honaker said...

This is WONDERFUL. In the USA (and, no doubt, all other countries) the highest percentage of suicides among teens are at the hands of young gay men and women. (Though, how much of this is due to "bullies" and how much of it is due to the rejection from their family is not really clear.)

- David

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