Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recording Your Tracks with Google Maps


Xtracked turns your mobile phone into a personal and professional GPS tracking system. The site uses Google Maps, charts and reports to display and analyse your recorded tracks.

The homepage of Xtracked provides a demo of a track displayed on a Google Map. Markers show the locations on the track where the maximum speed was reached and the maximum altitude on the track.

It is also possible to follow your tracks with Street View. The Street View implementation is synchronised to the chart view. When you mouse-over the chart the map is centred at your current location and the Street View panorama reflects the actual view you had when passing that location (by setting its POV).

If you click on the 'More' button you can turn on Traffic and Bicycle layers and switch to Satellite, OpenStreetMap and CloudMade map tiles.

You can learn more about Xtracked at:

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