Monday, November 01, 2010

Street View Arrives in Germany - Updated

Google have released Street View for the first time in Germany. The small town of Oberstaufen in southern Germany is one of the first places to get Street View in the country.

You may wonder why the small town of Oberstaufen has been chosen to launch Street View in Germany. The answer it seems is that whilst some Germans have been less than keen to see Street View in their country the town of Oberstaufen was kind enough to bake Google a cake.

Yes folks, all you have to do is show Google a little love and they will reciprocate. (via


I've just discovered that Munich's Allianz Arena and Berlin's Siegessäule and Bundestag have also been added to Street View.

I suspect that other small patches of Street View may also have been added today. My guess is that Google may have added a number of public spaces that won't cause too many bad headlines over invasion of privacy.

Leave a comment if you find any more German Street View imagery.

Munich's Konigsplatz

Via: Street View Funny



Anonymous said...

German Locations:

Jan said...

Theaterplatz, Dresden, Deutschland,13.736869&spn=0,0.007725&z=17&layer=c&cbll=51.053829,13.736992&panoid=GcSO0arJVMyZN3sHEVJHbQ&cbp=12,305.95,,0,6.13

Mr Cakey said...

Millantor Stadium, Hamburg. PAULI!!!,+Frankfurt+am+Main,+Hesse,+Germany&sll=50.727328,7.131672&sspn=0.050311,0.175781&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FRik_AIdOnSEAA&split=0&hq=&hnear=Frankfurt,+Frankfurt+am+Main,+Hesse,+Germany&ll=48.14555,11.566126&spn=0.003314,0.010986&z=17&layer=c&cbll=48.14555,11.566126&panoid=g6UnCG5Iq4VrAbVG2QhLIQ&cbp=12,292.98,,0,-0.19

Kyle said...

Will Google update the rest of the USA including Hawaii plze or is life going to continue make fun of me for my sprained ankle I never took care of which I should have?