Thursday, November 11, 2010

Canada's Afghan War Dead on Google Maps

Canada’s Military Fatalities in Afghanistan

Earlier this week we featured Patrick Cain's Second World War Casualty Map of Toronto. Now David Erwin, of Canadian TV show the Agenda, has created a Google Map of Canada’s military fatalities in Afghanistan.

The map shows the home locations of the 152 soldiers killed in Afghanistan and reveals that relative to the population, four times as many soldiers from rural Canada have been killed in Afghanistan as those from urban Canada.

On Remembrance Day (today) the map will feature in Agenda. The programme will be examining if this map reveals that there are two Canadas when it comes to the Afghan mission.



Unknown said...

Thank you for posting our map. It will be the subject of our live show tonight (Nov. 11) and the focus of our live web chat.

connectedonline said...

It is a eally well done job. a lots of information put into a great visual display. thanks for reccomending it.