Monday, November 08, 2010

Finding Red M&M's with Google Maps

M&M's Find Red

Play this Street View based game from M&M's and you could win a Fortwo Pure Coupe, an iPod Nano or some free packs of M&M's. The object of the game is to search Toronto using Google Maps and Street View to find the missing Red M&M.

To win you need to find each of three secret locations in the City of Toronto where Red is hidden. The more you search, the more clues you’ll get! For every 30 virtual kilometres you cover you’ll receive one new clue to find Red at the location you are closest to at the time.

There are also a number of clues hidden in the YouTube video above. If you turn on captions there are links in the video to other YouTube videos that contain the clues. To win any of the prizes you must a resident of Canada (except residents of Quebec) and thirteen years of age or older.


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