Thursday, November 25, 2010

Report Local Problems with Google Maps

Neat Streets

Australian website Neat Streets allows anyone to report community problems which are then passed on to the appropriate authorities. The application works in both Australia and New Zealand.

You can download a Neat Streets application for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android based phones. With the apps you can take pictures and submit community problems directly from your smartphone. The latest submitted photos and problems are displayed on a Google Map on the Neat Streets website home page.

Using Neat Streets you can report road obstructions, vandalism, potholes, fallen trees, abandoned trolleys, litter, and graffiti. Neat Streets then automatically forwards the reports to the appropriate authority based on the GPS location

Also See
  • SeeClickFix - US site for citizens to report local problems
  • FixMyStreet - UK site, allows citizens to report local problems. All problems are then passed onto local government
  • Verbeterdebuurt - Dutch local problems reporting site
  • Gerecht Geht Anders - German local problem reporting website


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Craig said...

There's also a that I have used to get the pavement outside my house fixed