Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Local Reviews on Google Maps

This Google Map based local search engine displays information from third party services such as Yelp, Gowalla, Yellowpages, Mapquest and Foursquare.

Using the map it is possible to search for local businesses, for example, pizza in San Francisco. When you undertake a search you can choose what type of business you wish to find and which third party service you wish to see results from. The results are then displayed on the map.

If you click on any of the returned map markers you can click through to read the information, tips and reviews provided by the chosen service. For example, if you select Foursquare you can click through to read the tips provided by Foursquare users.

If you live in Ottawa you can also use the 'Places' drop-down menu to view many local services, such as police stations, schools, sports venues and municipal buildings. In California a lot of 'Places' data from and is also available. And in the USA as a whole there are several million data points, e.g libraries, Starbucks, schools, POIs and other businesses)


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