Friday, April 01, 2011

Google Maps Pink Elephants - Updated

Here is a little Easter egg (or maybe an April Fool) in Google Maps spotted by our friends over at Le Technoblog du LAC.

If you type Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View into Google Maps you will find a pink elephant. Just be sure not to tell GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons.

Update: Google LatLong has now posted about this pink elephant and 9 other 'real-world sightings' that you can now find in Google Maps. These real world sightings are giant animals that have been spotted around the world.

For example, a giant red lobster has been seen on a bridge in Boston.

In London you can find this strange marine creature.

In Germany a green dragon is on the loose in the Pfälzer Wald and in the Netherlands you might just catch sight of a whale.

That leaves 5 more. Can you find them?

Via: Google LatLong

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