Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Most Addictive Google Maps Game Yet


Hi, my name's Keir and I'm a Cityville addict. There, I've finally admitted it. I feel happy to admit to my addiction though ... because I've found the cure by becoming hooked to Fleck instead.

Fleck is a a massively-multiplayer online world that actually takes place on Google Maps. In Fleck you can build a house, decorate your neighborhood with plants, shrubs and trees, harvest your plants and, if that all sounds a bit tame, you can even shoot the odd zombie or two.

In the game you can also interact with other players, team-up against zombies, expand your empire by buying restaurants. Restaurants earn you a little extra income and can help other players as well when they buy food from your restaurant to recover a little health.

That's enough for now. I've got an empire to build!



vturiserra said...

Fleck sucks. Who would spend real money buying fiction restaurants?

Keir Clarke said...

You should ask Zynga that. They could probably give you a million or so names.

Besides like Farmville and Cityville in Fleck you can use the virtual currency you don't actually need to spend real money.

arge985 said...

i didn't try farmville before .. but i like the idea of playing on real map .. so i'll give fleck a try. many thanks

Ant said...

Bah. Have to register and pay?

Keir Clarke said...

@arge985 You can login with a Facebook account if you have one. And you don't have to pay!