Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Instant Search for Street View

Instant Street Viewer

Ever since Google started Instant Search a number of developers have been trying to replicate the feature with Google Maps. This latest attempt brings you instant Street View.

If you enter a word into the search box the map will predict your search as you type and display what it hopes is your requested Street View. I like the default setting on this app, which shows the Street View of a sign to 'Lost' when it has no suggestions for your search.

Google Maps - From 0 to Instant

Released in the same week as Google's Instant Search, this was the first app to try and replicate the feature with Google Maps.

As you type into a search bar the application will recommend locations based on what you are typing and centre the map on that location. The recommended locations appear beside the search box. The map will nearly always centre on your desired location before you have actually typed in the entire name of the location.


This handy Google Maps application also combines instant search with Google Maps and Street View. The map also includes a nice share this view option.


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