Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Play Dangerous or Not With Street View

Who Wants to Not Get Stabbed?

This game by Tom Scott uses Google Street View and data from the Police.uk API. In the game you are presented with the Street View of two different locations in the UK. The object is the game is to guess which of the locations has the lowest rate of anti-social behaviour.

Despite the rather gruesome sounding name this game of Dangerous or Not is actually quite an interesting test of your geographical prejudices. Underneath each Street View is a brief description of the location. You therefore have to guess which area is more 'anti-social' based on your geographical prejudices.

The results can be quite surprising and challenge your prejudices about different locations. At the end of a game you are given an assessment of your score. Apparently I am "about as street-smart as someone in a 1980s public information film."


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