Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Tsunami Model on Google Maps

Tsunami Mapper

Tsunami Mapper makes use of the Google Maps elevation service and a flood fill algorithm to display the likely effects of a tsunami hitting the shore anywhere in the world.

The map allows you to enter a location and then set the parameters of a possible tsunami. These include the wave height, the direction of the wave to travel and the tsunami starting point. The map will then display the areas that are likely to be effected by water damage if such a tsunami hit your location.

Predicting the height and effect of tsunamis is an inexact science and there are of course lots of complex variables at play that can't be predicted. Therefore this application is intended as a general guide not as a true predictor.

Sea Level Maps
  • Global Sea Level Rise Map - view the world at different rates of sea rise.
  • Flood Maps - also looks at the effects of sea rises on the world.
  • EarthTools - if you are worried about rising sea levels then try the elevation finder on this map. Click anywhere in the world and find its height above (or below) sea level.
  • Global Flood Map

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