Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing Street Mosaic

Street Mosaic
Street Mosaic is a great new photo sharing / travel guide app. I liked the app so much that I asked Rich Yang of Street Mosaic to write a guest post for Google Maps Mania introducing the application.

He kindly agreed, so here it is:

Maps and travel go hand-in-hand. Travel, from day trips to gap years, is best when you have the opportunity to experience local flavor and find serendipitous discoveries. However, even the experienced traveler can have difficulty with maps, from orientation to location identification, especially in a new destination. Not to mention traditional paper guidebooks are outdated and horrible with maps.

Street Mosaic reduces time spent mapping so that you can quickly get back to your travel exploration. By integrating the social interaction and photography element of travel, users of Street Mosaic can simply take a picture of their discovery, write a caption, and share with the travel community. Our mobile app is also location aware and guides you to the discovery.

See something exciting? Take a picture and share with your friends and community your serendipitous discovery. Or simply explore around you or across the globe to get an idea for your next travel adventure.

Street Mosaic is still in developing and testing and open for product testers. Look for our free app in the iTunes App Store, twitter us @streetmosaic or on the web at streetmosaic.com.


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