Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taking Geo-Games to the Next Level


Dokobots is a free location-based game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is a scavenger hunt that involves finding Dokobots, marking locations and taking photos.

Using the app players can pick up objects shown on a Google Map as they travel around town. Dokobots, batteries and other items can be found with your iPhone as you move around. If you find a Dokobot you can find out all about who has owned it before and add your own record of ownership.

Every Dokobot keeps a detailed record of its adventures in a travel journal. The journal automatically charts its route through the world, tracking map locations, players who have picked it up and user-created photos and notes.

Players can check out the photos taken by each of the previous hosts before adding their own, and a newsfeed keeps players up to date about the latest activities of their favorite Dokobots, highlighting new photos and other entries.


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