Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Canadian Elections on Google Maps

Canada's General Election is fast approaching (May 2nd) and the Google Maps are coming thick and fast.

The Gazette: Get to Know Your Candidate

If you want to know which candidates are standing in your area then use this Google Map from the Montreal Gazette.

To find out who your electoral candidates are just click on the map or select your riding from a drop-down menu. The candidates standing in your area are then listed below the map.

The map also includes an option to explore the ridings by gender. If you select this option you can view how many female candidates are standing in each riding in Canada.

2008 Election Results

This Google Map from cyberpresse lets you explore the 2008 election results. If you select your district from the drop-down menu you can view the results and the turn-out percentage.

Political Financing Map

Cyberpresse has also created this Google Map that lets you explore political donations to the political parties.

When you click on a dot, an information window will appear with the name of a donor, the date a contribution was made, the donation amount, the party to which this donation was made and the riding association or candidate that received the donation.


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