Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Bay's Data on Google Maps

The Bay Citizen is another news organisation getting into data journalism in a big way. You can browse a number of apps created by The Bay Citizen on its new Data Library.

Here are two of the apps that use Google Maps to help visualise data relevant to Bay area readers.

2010 Census

The 2010 census revealed that the Bay Area is seeing slow growth in its population. This Google Map allows you to view population growth in the Bay Area since 2010 by county, city or by census tract.

The Bay Citizen's analysis of the data also reveals some interesting shifts in the race / ethnicity demographics in the Bay area.

Bike Accident Tracker

The Bay Citizen's Bike Tracker uses Google Maps to visualise two year's of bike accidents in San Francisco on Google Maps. The map also shows all San Francisco bike routes.

Using the map The Bay Citizen have been able to identify accident hot-spots in the city. It is also possible to click on any of the map markers to read the full details of each accident.


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