Wednesday, April 13, 2011

US Citizens Living Near Nuclear Plants

Zeit-Online: American Nuclear Power Plants Map

German newspaper Zeit-Online has created a Google Maps application that shows how many Americans live near nuclear power plants.

The map includes a distance slider tool that lets you visualise how many people live within different distances of a nuclear power plant. For example, the voluntary evacuation zone around the Fukushima power plant is currently 18 miles. Using the Zeit-Online map we find that a total of 16,040,474 Americans live within 18 miles of a nuclear plant.

You can use the slider to adjust the radius around the nuclear power plants. The number of people living within the radius is then shown. Clicking on a power plant on the map brings up more information about the location in the map sidebar.



Anonymous said...

Any resources on where to implement my own slider tool into a map?


lipori said...

they must have strong planning to make sure safety of their citizens